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About Us

We are an Association of riders who protect ALL riders’ rights, donate to local charities, and educate the public.  

We are NOT a single brand club and have active members riding bikes from American, European, and Japanese makers.  Cruisers, sport bikes, dual sports, and those with 3 wheels.  Our members are, men and women, young and old.  Our riders come from all walks of life; bankers, farmers, consultants and truck drivers.  But our common passion is motorcycling.  We have “charity” rides, fun-runs, political awareness rides, but most fun is just an ad-hock, let’s go for a ride.  Where?  Make a left at the first intersection, go a ways, then turn (left or right, don’t matter).  Maybe end up getting some groceries and having a picnic.  Maybe sight seeing.  Maybe…

What do we do ???


We sponsor a safety and awareness program for presentation to school and civic groups called “Operation Save A Life,” designed to increase awareness of automobile drivers of motorcycles on the roads and related safety issues. The program stresses the fact that motorcycles are full-fledged motor vehicles, equally entitled with automobiles to use of the road.

Protect Motorcyclists’ Right

A list of our legislative agenda:

Charitable Works

Patriot Thunder, Highway Cleanup, Volunteer Days and Fund raising to support local charities.

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