About Us

We are an Association of riders who protect ALL riders’ rights, donate to local charities, and educate the public.  

We are NOT a single brand club and have active members riding bikes from American, European, and Japanese makers.  Cruisers, sport bikes, dual sports, and those with 3 wheels.  Our members are, men and women, young and old.  Our riders come from all walks of life; bankers, farmers, consultants and truck drivers.  But our common passion is motorcycling.  We have “charity” rides, fun-runs, political awareness rides, but most fun is just an ad-hock, let’s go for a ride.  Where?  Make a left at the first intersection, go a ways, then turn (left or right, don’t matter).  Maybe end up getting some groceries and having a picnic.  Maybe sight seeing.  Maybe…

What do we do ???


We sponsor a safety and awareness program for presentation to school and civic groups called “Operation Save A Life,” designed to increase awareness of automobile drivers of motorcycles on the roads and related safety issues. The program stresses the fact that motorcycles are full-fledged motor vehicles, equally entitled with automobiles to use of the road.

Protect Motorcyclists’ Right

A list of our legislative agenda:

  • Preserving Helmet Freedom of Choice
  • Banning profiling tactics
  • Proper labeling of E15 fuel at the pumps
  • Ensuring the availability 10% or less ethanol gasoline
  • Protection from autonomous vehicles
  • Preserving the right to customize our motorcycles
  • Fight against exhaust sound restrictions
  • Prevent mandatory emission testing of motorcycles
  • Public land access to off-road and dual sport riders
  • Including motorcycles in existing Lemon Law legislation

Charitable Works

Patriot Thunder, Highway Cleanup, Volunteer Days and Fund raising to support local charities.

The Westmoreland County Chapter of A.B.A.T.E. of PA, through our fund raising and volunteerism has donated thousands of dollars to local causes every year.   Charities include: Angel Arms Infant Recovery Home, creation of the Officer Dale T Provins Memorial Scholarship Endowment at CAL U of PA, and the Blackburn Center.  Starting in 2022, proceeds of our Patriot Thunder – Back the Blue ride will be used to purchase protective vests for local police officers who must buy their own or go without.

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